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Services after the Sale


As a Real Estate Professional, my expertise is helping people to achieve the "American Dream", Homeownership. Therefore, I am committed to working to help families in financial distress stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure.


In additional to being a Licensed Realtor I am also a "Loss mitigation Consultant ("LMC"). My duties are to educate homeowners on options of how to avoid foreclosure. I work as a mediator  between Homeowners and Mortgage Service Lenders to find agreeable alternatives to foreclosure.


1. There's always a better solution than foreclosure..

2. In taking the win/win approach, bridging the communication gap between homeowners and Mortgage Service Lenders.

Some of the Nations Largest Service Providers depend on LMC's as a means of communication with Homeowners that are experiencing financial difficulties. Even if I did not sell you your home, I am always willing to help if you need my service. Please understand that the Lenders do not want to forclose on your home, and they will work with you to help you stay in your home. However, if you should find yourself in a situation where it is impossible for you to remain in the property, I can possibly still work with you and your Mortgage Servicer to come to some kind of agreement other than foreclosure. I can be reached at 731-780-2314 or just email me, my emal address is janice@reed-realestate.com. I look forward to helping families who desire my service.

Thank you,

Janice B. Reed

Janice B. Reed


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